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4 definitions by IAmGlenCoco

Definition 1: A character on The Sims who you like to torture.

Definition 2: An insensitive and annoying douchebag who is a constant womanizer, to make up for the fact that he is in the closet about being gay. The kind of guy who you would kick in the balls the instant you met him.
"Let's play The Sims and lock Fraklin into a room until he dies."

"Cris is such a Fraklin."
by IAmGlenCoco February 05, 2010
To play somebody, or to be played.
Girl: So I was dating this guy, but it turned out he had three other girlfriends and a fiance.
Friend: Bummer. You just got frakintized.

Dude: Who was that chick?
Friend: Just some girl I'm frakintizing.
by IAmGlenCoco April 11, 2010
A very creepy guy. The kind of sleazy, dirty guy who is probably a druggie, likely has a criminal record, and shamelessly hits on anything with a vagina in the rudest way possible.
Creeper: Hey! You girls are looking fine. I could take all three of you in bed.
You: Ew, what a roach.
by IAmGlenCoco February 26, 2010
Someone who has awful body odor or disgustingly strong cologne. Used to warn others without offending the smelly person.
*smelly guy with long hair is standing in front of you*
"Hey guys, Bob alert."
by IAmGlenCoco February 05, 2010