A derogatory term for a potential customer at a car dealership, who's credit will not pass, and who typically has no down payment and is upside down in any trade in they may have.
" Man, last week I sold five units, this week, I have'nt seen anything but roaches!"
by JB McDuffie May 19, 2007
Someone who's credit score is below 600
"That roach can't finance a toaster!"
by CLYDE BATTER October 23, 2008
1. A pesky vermin insect that infests your house.

2. In many places a roach is a burnt joint, usually but not necessarily the very last end, it can be halfway finished and still be called a roach, the principle being on that it has already been smoked from.

3. Roofies, R2s, rohypnol, pills that can be used to get fucked up on usually with alcohol, or in many cases used as a date rape drug, effects can last for hours, with the user remembering little or nothing.
1. Buy some raid for your damn roach problem, Leo.

2. Save that roach for later I'm fucking high.
Wheres that roach that we were smoking earlier?

3. Dude, I just bought two roach pills from Brigg.
Hey can I have one of them roaches?
by weed-smoka May 05, 2007
The cardboard filter(bug) you make at the end of your J when you roll one.
It really BUGs me when I finish smoking my J and get to the roach. :p
by akash111 March 12, 2009
Caribbean term for a woman/ man who has had their partner taken away from them by another woman/ man.
Sally is roaching Jessica with her husband.
by Tenielle Woodside February 24, 2008
The end of the joint. When its basically done, and cannot be saved.
Can also be used as a verb. "to roach" or "roach it" to put it out the joint or blunt. Typically by just throwing it on the ground.
Damn, this shit is done, roach it.
by Smokey Mc Pot Pot September 24, 2007
Term used in car sales to describe a customer who never buys, and who wanders around the showroom like a cockroach.

Usually a "roach" has lousy credit and can't afford to buy, or he comes in regularly and talks shit how he will buy, but never actually buys a car because of variuous resons, like credit, money, or his indecisivness.
Don't talk to that guy standing by the canovertible. He's a raoch and will waste your time.

This roach has been in here every other day, and he still makes up excuses not to buy. Stay away from him.
by Sunny Delight December 18, 2007

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