in very complicated chipmunk terminology this sound is often referred to as "sex" or even "fuck" in the mating season (12 Months a year).
"Damn woman you look fineee! we should Quack!"

"Why yes, a quick Quack is what i need right now."
by chipmonk182 September 04, 2011
an ambiguous verb that can be used in reference to literally anything. Some examples are dying, falling, making a mistake, missing a scoring opportunity in football, etc.
Dude, totally quacked.

He's quacked.
by ykdrummer91 April 17, 2010
A sound made by french people when trying to say yes.
"are you gay?"
by gay frenchie November 23, 2009
to bust a nut or "skeet"
"Dude i totally quacked before she even touched me!"
by WayniakDaManiak August 06, 2009
To masturbate, male or female
So my girlfriend is on her period this week, and ive had to settle with quacking off.
by Same Cup Ward July 20, 2008
A person whom tends to smile like a duck ( duck face) in half of there pictures
Hey kaylee it's duck hunting season . QUACK
by The kid who makes you laugh January 29, 2011
1. One who is of methamphetamine addiction.
2. Someone who is really fuckin weird
1. Don't get near that fool, he's a quack.
2. He bought doughnuts for his cat, what a fuckin quack.
by Iron-man_matthew April 10, 2008
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