The strangely annoying squawking sounds that most ducks make.
The duck quacked madly at the flying hamburgers.
by Mongooose August 02, 2009
A code word for quarter, as in a quarter ounce of smoke/weed.
"How much does a quack run?"

"Can you do a quack?"
by Laura Hill August 14, 2007
(v) To reserve for future use, esp. a seat. "Give me my seat - I quacked it 5 minutes ago!"

(n) An agreement that a person has Quacked. "Jason's quack is still in effect for another three minutes."
by tenfour October 25, 2003
in very complicated chipmunk terminology this sound is often referred to as "sex" or even "fuck" in the mating season (12 Months a year).
"Damn woman you look fineee! we should Quack!"

"Why yes, a quick Quack is what i need right now."
by chipmonk182 September 04, 2011
To masturbate, male or female
So my girlfriend is on her period this week, and ive had to settle with quacking off.
by Same Cup Ward July 20, 2008
A person whom tends to smile like a duck ( duck face) in half of there pictures
Hey kaylee it's duck hunting season . QUACK
by The kid who makes you laugh January 29, 2011
to say yes, or to agree to something
Rod: "Hey dude I got that new album by snoop, wanna go back to my crib and bump it?"

Beef: "Quack"
by Swag King Sonny. July 19, 2011

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