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obese chimpmunk looking boy who thinks his ninja skills are kick ass and sees himself as a major hottie
yo man im so fly all da laydiez wanna piece of diz im crescent
by k-money January 08, 2005
a guy who licks another guys asshole
phil just got his stamp licked and sealed my josh
by K-MONEY June 17, 2003
not cool, messed up, corrupt, unrad, lame, busted
"Yo, Adam, that kid with the busted trapper keeper is grippa quack
by k-money May 06, 2005
a group of 3 overweight chefs who go by the names of bob seamore and roo roo.
some call them descendents of emril
by k-money January 09, 2005
AKA Party Boy. To be in an eternal state of partying. When asked what you are doing, to resbond "Oh I'm just partying"
Also a product used to reduce gas.
"Man Beano was a party boy when he hung out with Sailor Jerry"
by K-money May 10, 2004
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