1. One who is of methamphetamine addiction.
2. Someone who is really fuckin weird
1. Don't get near that fool, he's a quack.
2. He bought doughnuts for his cat, what a fuckin quack.
by Iron-man_matthew April 10, 2008
homosexual; in caribbean spanish slang the word for homosexual is "pato". Pato literally tarnslates to duck. The sound a duck makes? Quack, quack.
My co-worker came out to me last nite. I always knew he was quack quack.
by ari* January 14, 2008
The sound uttered to signify that someone just got scammed or publically shamed.
A guy fails at picking up a girl and walks back to his friends. He is met with a chorus of "Quaaack."


"That sucker got seriously quacked by the salesman at GoodGuys. Buyer Protection Program? Quack!"
by Owen Powers Donovan July 30, 2003
In poker parlance:

1) A deuce/two.
2) Two of something -- usually an amount of a bet.
"Quack quack!" -- Paul Magriel, announcing a bet of $22,000.
by Versatile Agent Zero! November 07, 2006
The sound a Jesquigoduckster makes.
by affraid_of_quack January 29, 2009
A pseudomedical "professional" who earnestly believes in their products or procedures (as opposed to a fraud, who knows he is full of shit and just wants to make money), which in actuality are of dubious merit and are possibly injurious.
(Name) the quack (my chiropractor)
Was a squat little ape
With a mouse's voice
And a pigeon's gait
by Anon343 March 16, 2008
An online or e-slut who will often prey and stalk pre-pubescent teen boys via the internet.
Quack and nightfall cyber while playing WoW.
by Tom Bolton November 04, 2006

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