A squeaky little kid (ages 4-14) that rage on games such as COD
I'll fuck your mum
1 vs 1 me bro
Bring it I'll fuckin rek u
Is that your mum in the background? Calm down Quack
#skrub #noob #kid #squeaker #rubber duck
by Pakifromthecornershop February 27, 2015
Thanks to Apple device auto correct, "doctor" is frequently corrected to "quacks"
Yeah, I have an appointment at the quacks tomorrow.
#quacks #doctor #dr #doctors #appointment
by azlairian November 01, 2011
Flatulence released from the anal cavity, which is powerful enough to project fecal matter at dangerous velocity onto the flatulator's undergarments. A strong wet fart. Otherwise know as a shart, these noisy explosions tend to have a distinct "quack" sound when released past the sphincter.
(ex 1) Shit ran down my thigh as a result of a disastrous quack.

(ex 2) Tony accidentally quacked while trying to light his fart, in this situation a basic joke had become oh so dangerous.
#shart #fart #ass #shit #poop #doodoo #duck butter
by iLOVEtwat May 22, 2010
What ducks should be saying, instead of "Got any grapes?"
Then he waddled away (waddle waddle) then he waddled away (waddle waddle waddle) til the very next day...

#the duck song #duck #quack #youtube #waddle
by theducksong1234 August 22, 2011
The strangely annoying squawking sounds that most ducks make.
The duck quacked madly at the flying hamburgers.
#duck #bird #squawk #qwack #qwak #silence
by Mongooose August 02, 2009
(v) To reserve for future use, esp. a seat. "Give me my seat - I quacked it 5 minutes ago!"

(n) An agreement that a person has Quacked. "Jason's quack is still in effect for another three minutes."
by tenfour October 25, 2003
in very complicated chipmunk terminology this sound is often referred to as "sex" or even "fuck" in the mating season (12 Months a year).
"Damn woman you look fineee! we should Quack!"

"Why yes, a quick Quack is what i need right now."
#quack #sex #fuck #chipmonk #mating #sound #quick
by chipmonk182 September 04, 2011
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