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A word meaning "really", "exceedingly", "very", or "a lot of". A West Coast equivalent of "wicked", and often used as a replacement for "hella".
1) Wow, you were grippa drunk last night, dude.
2) It's grippa rainy out right now.
3) neighbor's grippa sketch.
4) Holy hell! Don't go out there! There's grippa ninja running around!
by Vladimir McCools October 27, 2007
Short for "grip of", meaning a handful, a group, or an approximate few.
There's a grippa geese!
by ryan y February 23, 2005
A word that is someone's equivalent to hella, but that someone is not the population of Southern California. No one in SoCal has ever heard this word.
A: You people from SoCal are grippa stupid.
B: What does that even mean?
by damnshibby August 19, 2008
A word that NorCal residents (erroneously) believe SoCal residents say. NorCal residents made it up in order to make up for their insecurity of using the word hella.
NorCal kid: Hey, you're from SoCal, why does everyone hella say grippa down there?
SoCal kid: WTF are you talking about? I have never heard grippa before in my life, and what's up with hella? You sound retarded.
NorCal kid: No! You're retarded!
by SoCal or No Cal May 12, 2006
Really or extremely. It's basically a synonym for hella.
A derivative of grip of or socal's version of hella. Brought to you by Saratoga High School improper use of grip of.
Dude, that guy is grippa dumb!
by sprayboy November 25, 2005
A term used by low-income blacks in Chester, PA to replace "testicle".
Did you hear about what happened at the party last night? Susi kicked Frank in the grippas!
by Not Fred October 13, 2006
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