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1. The act of pulling down a beanie-hat hybrid over someones face to where the bill of it is over their mouth, hence the quack.
Bro: dude that nerd is way to nerdy to wear that cool hat.
Bro2: I know dude. Let's quack him.
Nerd: Ahh noo. I've been quacked!
by SEV3N November 07, 2011
queens and jacks
The quacks in the doubleton are useless in this hand
by little_lovely_michael June 13, 2012
Something you yell when a situation is overly cheesy or just plain stupid.
*cheesy,icky-romantic scene in Titanic* Quuuuuaaacckk!! This is the cheesiest bullshit I've ever seen!!!

* A dumb joke being popped in a stupid movie* Quack! That is so gay and not even funny.
by Quack quack! April 20, 2010
Quacking in the manner of a mallard is what one should do when faced with any ridiculous and unneccessary comment from any idiot in any social situation. It is commonly used by me as a term of derision and contempt.
Idiot: Wow! Did anyone catch that episode of Dawsons last night. It was totally cool!

Me: Quack.
by imnothere27 February 03, 2010
A sound made by french people when trying to say yes.
"are you gay?"
by gay frenchie November 23, 2009
Thanks to Apple device auto correct, "doctor" is frequently corrected to "quacks"
Yeah, I have an appointment at the quacks tomorrow.
by azlairian November 01, 2011
A name used to insult a person; also used as a substitution for fag
Guy 1: Hey dude, i drank all of your Starbucks latte.

Guy 2: Come on! You're such a freakin quack.
by Landino069 November 29, 2010