An online or e-slut who will often prey and stalk pre-pubescent teen boys via the internet.
Quack and nightfall cyber while playing WoW.
by Tom Bolton November 04, 2006
To talk rubbish or drive a point home unecessarily
Stop quacking about it! (to someone who for example goes on and on boringly)
by Greg September 16, 2003
An annoying friend who always seems to bring up stupid points and goes on and on about them.

A person who if they were talking on on a SNL skit, the people would laugh at even though he wasn't trying to funny, he's points are just stupid.
"Oh hey guys, I was drawing a circle today and...(30 minutes later) pretty cool huh"
by Pat November 03, 2004
To de-pledge yourself from a fraternity/sorority by your own free will, or because of fear, A self "Kack"

-Named after an ex-pledge with the last name Quack
-He went and quacked himself

-So I heard he was quacked
by P-diddy April 03, 2004
not cool, messed up, corrupt, unrad, lame, busted
"Yo, Adam, that kid with the busted trapper keeper is grippa quack
by k-money May 06, 2005
a reference to sex. Something to say during sex.
I want to quack during sex.
by LinkinParkBabeoX March 22, 2005
an acknowledgement towards something most favorable
I want quack to get in my pants.
by Matt January 19, 2004

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