The act of getting off while putting things off.
The cure for writer's block? Procrasturbation.
by oohxlala July 24, 2010
Putting off an important task until later, so you can masturbate.
My research paper isn't done, because I clicked a link that took me to a page full of big titties, and I spent the next two hours procrasturbating.

My biggest failure in school was letting procrasturbation get in the way of my homework.
by oogie woogie boo October 12, 2009
Procrastinating by masturbating, that's when you have to do something and you just start jacking off instead.
'' Stop procrasturbating everytime and start thinking of getting your shit done, dude.''
'' Procrasturbation is my hobby ''
by anonymous November 12, 2014
Basically, the combination of procrastination and masturbation. The constant need to masterbate when you should really be doing something more productive with your life. It generally makes you feel relieved until you realise you just wasted 2-30 minutes of potential studying, getting yourself off.
1. Student - "You ready for this exam buddy"

Student 2 - "Fuck no, I barely studied at all. Last night I procrasturbated like it was going out of style."

2. Student - "Shit these exams have been going on way too long, my dick is red raw from so much procrasturbation!"
by Des-Troy May 19, 2010
The act of chucking a wank in order to avoid doing work or study
Procrasturbation Example:

Dude 1: "Fuck dude, I haven't done any work all day!"
Dude 2: "Yeah me neither, I've been procrasturbating"
Dude 1: "Wtf is that?"
Dude 2: "It's when you masturbate to procrastinate"
by LFCAidan September 14, 2014
When one has a project to work on, but chooses to pleasure themselves instead, thus having less time to work on said project.
The student was unable to make the deadline, as he was preoccupied with procrasturbation.
by lindenboy95 October 14, 2012
When one takes great pleasure in the act of putting something off.
When I saw that she was reorganizing her sock drawer for the second time instead of calling her mother, I knew it was simple procrasturbation.
by chinesedentist January 19, 2012

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