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v. The act of being ridiculously horny, yet too lazy or unwilling to self-satisfy in order to "blow one's own load", or "cream one's panties".
The milky orbs and honeyed lips of the adult entertainment actresses on the television had me transfixed; lost somewhere in a bout of procrasturbation.
by FourDimensionalCumDumpster December 30, 2010
When procrastion feels so good it must be sexual.
Person- Dude, finals are next week. You should probably study.
Other Person- I know but procrasturbation feels too good!
by LOLKIT December 08, 2010
(n) - a form of procrastination involving copious amounts or masturbation.
I know I had a week to finish my essay, but I was so busy procrasturbating that I had to bs the entire thing.

I heard that Jim had to check into rehab for his procrasturbation problem.

I also heard that Jim only agreed to go to rehab after his latest procrasturbation episode ended with him in the Emergency Room.
by Tre Day May 09, 2010
Masturbation as a form of procrastination
Kevin: I could start my final paper that's due tomorrow... or I could go wack-off first... procrasturbation FTW!


J: Wow Alex! I can't believe you've really jacked off three times today already! Don't you have a giant project due for government tomorrow?
Alex: yeah, I'm a master of procrasturbation.
by Jjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkk April 21, 2010
Procrastinating masturbation. When you hold off from jacking it to do it later.
Person 1: I'll masturbate later

Person 2: But that's procrasturbation. Be a man and jack your shit right now!
by Chispatr April 14, 2010
pulling off for tomorrow what could have come today.
by gofingr February 03, 2010
The act of purposely screwing yourself by putting off a task that is known.
Combining the word procrastination and masturbation.

Marcie participated in procrasturbation resulting in her eminent doom by not completing the task of filing.
by iublondie25 December 16, 2009