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To avoid work by looking at porn, looking at porn of course leads to masturbation.
Billy would procrasturbate to milf porn instead of working on his English final.
by darqcyde December 23, 2008
Something, usually food, that is so irresistible that it overcomes will power to resist it and has seemingly addictive properties similar to the drug crack.
Those gingerbread ice cream sandwiches are crackalicious, I think I'll have another one.
by Darqcyde December 24, 2005
Any R & D branch or firm which uses biomimicry for solutions; derived from an instance in Senegal, filmed by Nova, where chimps learned to make spears to hunt small primates called bush babies.
Bob says he's taking that job at that new chimp shop downtown because he sees potential in it but I say it's just because he's become a hippy burnout in his 12 semesters at tech.
by darqcyde September 01, 2007
the act of procrastinating by watching porn.
Many young men find it difficult to complete homework assignments due to procrasturbation.
by darqcyde December 23, 2008
1. n.- a redneck or hillbilly-ish nickname for a guy, similar to Jack.

2. n. - From the polish word baba which means old lady. Many Russian, Polish and other eastern European people call their grandmother Bubba or bubby.
Earl: Where's Bubba at? He's supposed to help me fix my truck.

Cletus: He said he went to his bubba's house for pierogies for lunch.
by darqcyde August 09, 2010
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