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the one person you can really share everything with and who will be there through the good, the bad and the fucking excellent - notjust significant other, but essential.
by Pete May 07, 2003
A phrase said to state that one is in total disbelief or confusion as to what has happened, or what is happening.
what the fuck...
by Pete March 15, 2004
to mock someone
"He's taking the piss out of you"
by Pete January 20, 2004
a band who with a kick ass moogist. best known for the song "my favorite accident" or "the future freaks me out"
Oh man i just went to that motion city soundtrack show and creamed my pants
by pete December 15, 2003
When your girl is on all fours and your doing her doggystyle, knock her arms out from under her and ride her off the side of the bed.
"hey Heather, wanna go snowmobiling later on? it'll be losts of fun"
by Pete September 03, 2003
Any photo taken by photographing oneself in the bathroom mirrior.
I took my myspace photo in the bathroom.
by Pete December 27, 2004
Seeing the vagina from the butt
While doing it doggie style Pete yells out, "NICE BAGINA"!
by Pete June 05, 2003

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