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What you are doing right now. Get the fuck going and finish your homework.
You. You procrastinate. You are the example.
by KingOfEmAll April 15, 2008
How 75% of Urban Dictionary's are created.
I should be doing my History Review right now but I decided to procrastinate.
by Adam Hussey May 26, 2008
to be lazy and not do things until the last minute
one time i procrastinated and didnt do my hw until 10:00 the night before it was due. and one time i finally started a project the day after it was due. yes i am a procrastinator
by future dropout June 02, 2004
I'll tell you later but not right now because I am too lazy
I always procrastinate thats why i failed school and college
by smoovestarr April 03, 2005
The art of putting things off till you absolutely need to do them. Often by the motivation of a due date or someone constantly bitching to you past the point of human tolerance.
When I procrastinate my homework I feel good knowing the night before was spent getting trashed.
by rulvnthatwigs September 17, 2007
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10 things why I procrastinate: 1)
by P huNgy October 31, 2003
What I do during my freetime.
Hm...I'll work on my project later...and stick my face on my glowing computer screen...
by Cyndane January 17, 2005
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