adj. describing something cute and/or pathetic; not to be taken seriously.

Usually used with undertones of irony to make fun of someone or something but sometimes used in earnest when describing something small and adorable.

Used much in the same way cute is often directed at men by women.
Look at this precious little doggy!


This little 6 year-old is getting so angry because his sister is beating up on him--precious!
by S. Pilgrim August 31, 2010
Absolutely perfect in every way.
My boyfriend Michael is so precious!
by LoverMollie January 15, 2011
Someone who is dearly beloved: and is considered to be a darling.
That young lady is precious because she cares about pandas.
by Mary_R April 24, 2010
A derogatory way to describe someone who overreacts to something of low value or importance
"He is complaining over $2, he's so precious!"
by Cadj May 19, 2010
Based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire
"Hey, have you seen Precious?"

"No, but I have seen Precious, based on the novel "Push" by Sapphire
by Not Sapphire February 14, 2010
name of a big black abused girl.
Kristen: i just bought it i love itttt...... its so presh.
Me: *precious...
like the big black abused girl
by PreshLover December 06, 2010
to make fun of a fat friend of yours. to relate their size and weight to that fat chick from the movie "precious".
"yo precious! i had a banana cream pie on the counter. where'd it go?"
by thunderjeff January 07, 2010

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