A straight guy who acts in a rather camp way so he makes people think he's gay.
*guy drinking from a wine glass with a floating little finger, talking to his girlfriend*
girlfriend: "...oh Jamie your so...precious!"
by Luna Maria October 08, 2005
Slang for an ugly baby with no redeeming qualities.
Oh, is that your baby?(cause i thought it was the midget from willow with a shaved head) Isn't she...precious.
by sethlow September 25, 2005
What Gollum keeps calling this ring I wear that I've had all my life, and keeps stalking me to this very day for it ... the little faggot bit my ear off for it the other day!
My Preciousssss! They took my Precioussss! GOLLUM!
by PSisTEHsuxxors March 05, 2004
A nick name for a heterosexual male that acts in a homosexual fashion. A male that try’s to be masculine but all to often shows his feminine side. A man that appears to have homosexual tendencies.
Joe: I saw precious walk down the hall wearing those gay diesel shoes today.
Butch: At least he quit dying his hair.
John: I know someday he may start wearing make-up, for men of course.
by John Hopper June 22, 2005
An engagement ring. Should be shown off to all, but only called "the precious" to a select few.
Angie finally got the precious.
by JenThe80'sFan August 30, 2004
Precious is da buffest ting in east london my gyal is chuuunggggg!!!!
by precious November 21, 2004

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