Something that means more to you than anyone could understand. It's value and worth can't be defined and you'd do anything to keep it. Beautiful and delicate.
My boyfriend is precious to me.
by Dead Angel March 24, 2005
a girl from any part of the world with all smiles might get angry easily but she has forgiven. she is also said to be bossy but when you read her thoughts she is not close to being bossy. she is patiently waiting for her first kiss and will get the perfect one if she does not rush into it. she can also have a dimple and when you are around a precious pls smile. she has certain principles guiding her and will be among the top three smart people in her class. wishes she could speak spanish.siempre tienen una sonrisa en torno a un PRECIOSO. she is also really pretty.
awwwww she is just so cute like a precious
omg look at her isn't she just precious
i miss precious alot
by MISSincredible7732 March 13, 2013
Usually a person a female pursuasion, with high maintenece qualities.

Also refered to as 'Daddies little girl' or 'Princess' by peers.

Needs, wants and expects everything NOW!!
Veruca Salt of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame, shes precious.
by CheeseMonkeyEggBeansFridge August 16, 2006
Gollum's birthday present. It came to him. His own, his precious.
"My precioussss"
by Chris January 02, 2004
Watching my 18-year-old roommate laughing out loud at the Lion King and singing along to every song.
"She is acting like a child; how precious!"
by KAYY MAC3 April 12, 2009
Thanks to the movie, is now a derogatory term for any overwieight/ obese girl.
Fat bitch at lunchline: "Oh yess, they have Pizza!"

Me: Control yourself precious, I thought you were on a diet.

Fat bitch: gets upset and leaves the lunch line
by hater 25 March 23, 2010
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