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the middle earth equivalent of compton.
sauron is the landlord and crack dealer of mordor.
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 27, 2010
1. the hand you use to back-hand pplz with

2. the ability to keep yo hoes in line

3. something sean connery has
"it'sh ok to hit a woman, as long as it'sh an open hand."
keepin that pimp hand strong

-sean connery
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 05, 2010
bruce lee is a chinese mass murderer :o
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 23, 2010
a speedo
every swimmer has worn a man thong at some point.
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 27, 2010
smeagol's equivalent of crystal meth
because smeagol hasn't had the precious for so long, he is in a constant state of meth withdrawl.
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 27, 2010
a little japanese kid who became an internet phenomenon from his cover of jason mraz's "i'm yours." 3/4 of the comments on such videos consists of "AWWWWWWW," "CUUUTTTEEEEE," etc. i can guarantee you will have the same reaction, unless you have no heart.
the ukelele kid sure can shred that 4-string...
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt January 13, 2010

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