a precious is a young lad of about the age of 18 who loves wearing phillies hats and talks in high pitched voices. only surrounds himself by precious people and loves being precious to everyone he encounters.
Trevor is so precious !
by ficasaurous December 01, 2011
A naija gal who is the most ghetto person you will ever meet. She is a really good friend who will always make you laugh when youu are in the saddest times. She usually wears purple du-rags around her head and goes bear foot outside. You would think that she was born like this... but no. It developed with time after she was knocked off her bike by one of her neighbors.
Person 1 : "Precious , How ah you?"

Person 2: "I thank God , ohh ."

Person 1: "I'm going to McDonalds"

Precious: "But.. there's soup in the house."

Person 1: "Precious."

Precious: "Yes? (: "

Person 1: " *closes door. * "
by NSDT July 20, 2011
basically any fat black (usually also ghetto) woman. Referring to the main character from the movie "Precious".
(Spot a fat black probably ghetto woman and say whoever to your with)
"Hey look, it's Precious!."
by stonerben March 25, 2010
A child with attention deficit disorder.

A spoiled child who needs a lot of attention.

My Precious is very special.
by R.e.p April 29, 2009
Buffalo Bill's dog in the popular movie, Silence of the Lambs.
Don't you hurt Precious!
by Reverend Chaos January 04, 2004
Precious is immediately the assumed name of any hugely overweight african-american female walking around. She is typically quite ugly and appears to be inconsequential to the world.
Hey, guys, look... Precious... <3

we all turn and see an enormous elephant of a human being walk by like she owns the place.
by Pseudonymisapsuedonymisapsuedo November 12, 2010
A straight guy who acts in a rather camp way so he makes people think he's gay.
*guy drinking from a wine glass with a floating little finger, talking to his girlfriend*
girlfriend: "...oh Jamie your so...precious!"
by Luna Maria October 08, 2005

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