smeagol's equivalent of crystal meth
because smeagol hasn't had the precious for so long, he is in a constant state of meth withdrawl.
by sssshhhhyyyyiiiiittttttt February 27, 2010
Noun: An object of obsession. Often applied sarcastically to an otherwise ordinary, or unremarkable object that holds great affection from its owner.

Implies illogical adoration toward an object of little or obscure value.
My husband spent over $5000 trying to fix up that old junker out back; its like his precious or something.
by ysing February 01, 2006
A girl who has a baby and acts like her relationship with her baby daddy is perfect. But doesn't know her baby daddy cheated on her with a female she doesn't know.
Girl one: doesn't she know you dated her baby daddy
Girl two: No,but that's precious
by Mickey Baybee June 08, 2014
to make fun of a fat friend of yours. to relate their size and weight to that fat chick from the movie "precious".
"yo precious! i had a banana cream pie on the counter. where'd it go?"
by thunderjeff January 07, 2010
kodak moment
When the show-off kook skater ate cement, trying to pown the pro, it was sooo precious
by DARK-WOLF (the real DW) May 23, 2009
An incredibly stunning goddess that uses its power of beauty to meet her every need.
"God Damn it, Precious is staring at me with those eyes again! Give her those snacks!"
by Dictionarythatspeaksthetruth December 01, 2015
A more socially acceptable pet name for a woman's punani/cooter/snatch, usually as though referring to a voraciously hungry or angry beast
-- Don't worry, Precious, Daddy's going to feed you right now. Aren't you, Daddy?

-- Oh giiiirl! I ain't NEVER getting a Brazilian again! Precious is STILL screaming!!! (but she IS smooth!)
by AmusesHerself March 27, 2009

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