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To make oneself comfortable, usually by moving closer to another person or thing. To embrace closely, as to show affection or offer warmth.
Snuggling always helps me calm down and feel secure.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén August 25, 2004
Verb, To snuggle is to be very close in an intimate fashion. When one is snuggling there is no personal boundaries between the two snugglers, nor emotional boundaries. The two people are connected through the act of snuggling.
Boy: Baby you look like you need to cuddle.

Girl: No sweet heart i need to snuggle with you.
by Rooster boy June 14, 2009
1. a cute girl you just want to hold, forever and ever.
2. an adorable munchkin
I love you Snuggles, wanna cuddle?
by Chasey Poo December 09, 2005
1. V. To get close, cuddle, and lean against each other, usually while sitting.
2. N. A friend's current crush.
1. I've snuggled with my boyfriend, but we haven't kissed yet.
2. Look, there goes Anna's snuggle. We should try to hook them up.
by Maran May 26, 2006
The sharing of love between two people by keeping each other warm, safe, and happy overall. Two people will lay down, usually on a soft surface such as a bed, with their bodies touching each other.
Sean and Cindy were freezing. So they sought refuge in a bed and decided to snuggle.
by SirDollimore November 09, 2011
When you get in bed and snuggle up with your signifigant other. A type of spooning
I wrapped my arms around her and yelled SNUGGLES!
by hornjb October 22, 2008
Like cuddling. Kind of a hug, but while lying down and 2 people facing the same way.
I was feeling bad, so I snuggled with david.
by ninjagirl12 January 10, 2012
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