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A silent moment between two people (either gender, hetrosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual) in which prolonged eye contact is made and initial feelings of attraction are felt. Often referred to simply as a "moment."
In the Mexican (2001, Dreamworks), Samantha (Julia Roberts) is in a diner with Winston(James Gandolfini), whom Samantha believes to be Leroy, and as they have a discussion, Winston gazes up and looks across the diner and makes prolonged eye-contact with another man, pauses, and then resumes his conversation with Samantha:

Samantha- What was that?


Samantha-That. That moment you had.

Winston-What moment?

Samantha-Leroy, you just checked out that guy and had a moment.

Samantha-That was a moment.

Winston-I don't know if it was a moment.

Samantha-(Are you gay?)

Winston-- As in happy?
Samantha- As in homosexual.
by MACROFT March 05, 2008
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