1. Doctor of Philosophy.
2. Pretty Huge Dick.
3. Pubic Hair Distribution.
eg 1: John has a PhD in Computer Science.
eg 2: John has a PHD (Pretty Hude Dick).
eg 3: John's PHD (Pubic Hair Distribution) is a LOT!
by Rachel Green November 13, 2005
My boyfriend has a PHD, and im not talking school wise.
by SO6001 August 16, 2010
Persistent hater degree. Someone who persistently hates on the next man for having something he don't possess.
Mike:Stay away from Ron. I heard he had a PHD.
Vinny: Yeah I know, Ron has always been a hater.
by boo&brasen February 27, 2012
acronim for pretty huge dick
Jay: I have a PHD

Nick: What could a moron like you have a PHD in?
Jay:In your mom
by Gentleneal April 24, 2012
Pretty Huge Dick or Puny Hairy Dick.
"abby had a P.H.D"
by rodo the white dwarf killer March 01, 2010
Pumpkin Head Delux- an ass beating so bad that your own mother won't recognize you. (turning your head into a pumpkin)
Person 1: "Man that nigga day day snitched on us!"
Person 2: "Aw fuck that, let's give that nigga a PHD fassst!!"
by Brettster January 17, 2008
Doctor of Philosophy, a person who has a PhD degree from a university
Hey Andy I'm getting my PhD in Computer Science soon!
by teh_applegoddess July 07, 2003

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