1. A Doctor of Philosophy.
2. Proof of Intelligence.
3. Something which Ian will not ever achieve.
1. In answering a question on qualifications:
Dude#1: "Yo - which one'a y'all got a PhD??"
Dude#2: "yes"
Dude#3: "YUP"
Ian: *tears*
by Craigy September 28, 2005
Persistent hater degree. Someone who persistently hates on the next man for having something he don't possess.
Mike:Stay away from Ron. I heard he had a PHD.
Vinny: Yeah I know, Ron has always been a hater.
by boo&brasen February 27, 2012
acronim for pretty huge dick
Jay: I have a PHD

Nick: What could a moron like you have a PHD in?
Jay:In your mom
by Gentleneal April 24, 2012
Pretty Huge Dick or Puny Hairy Dick.
"abby had a P.H.D"
by rodo the white dwarf killer March 01, 2010
Pumpkin Head Delux- an ass beating so bad that your own mother won't recognize you. (turning your head into a pumpkin)
Person 1: "Man that nigga day day snitched on us!"
Person 2: "Aw fuck that, let's give that nigga a PHD fassst!!"
by Brettster January 17, 2008
Dickhead (or just dick).
Nas also said P.H.D. in Belly in the scene when DMX beats Black Naked in the basement. He said “He’s One of those PHD niggas though. A Player Hating Dickhead”
by _Howdyss_ September 21, 2015
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