Originally used to describe Higher education, achieved, doctorate.

But also used to describe a...

Playa hatin' dick head.
Damn, he always jealous, he a playa hatin dickhead(phd), 4 real!
by Nixx March 23, 2006
Pure Hard Dance

A group that host events at clubs,

known for dance stylez such as rave, shuffle, etc.

..they sell merchandise such as hoodies, which have become 'shuffling uniform' around Melbourne
Hey where'd you get ur PHD (referring to hoodie)?
-Bought it at one of their events.

You goin' to PHD tomorrow night?
-Hell yeahh!
by JáSE! June 08, 2007
Acronym for Position of Head Disorder, related to cranial rectum inversion, but the specific disorder for those with advanced degrees.
Once Bob got his Ph.d., he fell ill with PHD when he shoved his head up his ass.
by PaschaSC June 04, 2007
Adjective phrase that means you got a big "tool". dick
I've got a P.H.D., pretty huge dick.
by Igor Coimbra June 20, 2006
This is a level 10 degree, which many intelligent people take as part of the their academia, of Doctorate is the precursor for a future in research and professorship. A phd is a difficult degree resulting in may sleepless nights and incredible work loads. ..but if in the right divison...party time!!!!The benefits of a phd is that you become a doctor and have the legal right to put dr. in front of your name if you enjoy research and think it is for you a phd is a great stepping stone into becoming a respected doctoral scientist.
Phd is not permanent head damage
by Dr. D.G heffler March 22, 2009
usually occurs after a period of rest and relaxation AWAY from the work place.. occurs upon arrival back from time off and during the return to the work place..
BRUCE : "hey mate, welcome back to work... why do you look so bummed ?
HORATIO : Yeah thanks... holiday wasn't long enough.. I'm sufferring from PHD.... wish I had a few more weeks....
by johnny baggins January 23, 2008
For brothers on the street - Pimpin' Hos Degree
I gots myself a bunch o' bitches, and got my PhD!
by Fineyngman September 09, 2005

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