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A) Too be as tired as humanly possible whithout being asleep or B) to be fast asleep generally on a bus. - Note pronounciation of Dos expresses how tired you are.
therefore the louder the doSSEEEEDDD the more tired you are.
EG 1: Brice - Hey Kadish are you dossed?
Kadish - No Brice im not dossed no. im DOOSSEEEEEDDDD!!!!!

EG 2: (whilst in a World of Warcraft lan) - Hey Kadish we arn't Dossing for 3 days is that okay? - Sure it is.
by King_fox September 08, 2010
A combination of elements taken from a body building addict and a zombie. General characteristics include being drugged on various supplements to improve the muscle mass in any way possible. testosterone, diabonal, steroids and creotine are just a few of the main tools for gaining muscle mass. rombies have a strict diet and go to sleep from anytime between 4:pm and 6:pm and cannot stay awake during school hours. they sleep 16 hours a day. and can sleep int differant positions including standing sitting and lying down. once rombies are asleep its not advised to interfere with them because after their 20hr marathon of sleeping and 5hr weight lifting they get moody and tend to want to beat anyone up.
guy 1: hey Kadish where is rombie?
guy 2: He is sleeping .... because he has to stay awake for 4 hours straight after this.
guy 1: lol i think he needs to get biffed with tomato sauce and mustard.
guy 2: no man he is getting quite big and strong.
guy 1: oh k but he will be sleeping during the fight?
guy 2: oh yeah ok lets carry on.
by King_fox September 09, 2010
PHD - short for (poes hunting douche) generally these profiles are given to tier 2 douchebags. PHD'S are generally nice guys but when a member of the opposite sex is around and the PHD thinks they are attractive enough to do the deed, he transforms into an ancient being capable of being as douchy as can be. ignoring friends and anything in relation to their reguler behaviour. the PHD'S main aim is to impress as much as possible but rarely succeds. PHD'S go as far as lending out playstations xbox's and mainly cigaretts. PHD'S know that they probably wont get what they are looking for but they have strong will power.
reguler guy 1: "hey Kadish where is skye?
reguler guy 2: "Oh he is PHD'ING over there behind jipsy office.
reguler guy 1: man do you think if i ask him for a ciggerate he will give me one?
reguler guy 2: noways man he is saving them for that girl, who is just using him..
reguler guy 1: what a douchebag.
by King_fox September 09, 2010

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