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when someone is being difficult or just plan stank. "Douche bag-ish" if you will.
Jack: "What is wrong with Bill?"

Jill: "He has been real douchy since Alice left him"

Jack: "Ah, totally understand. She did him dirty"
#douche #douche bag #stanky #asshole #asshat
by ChellyE July 02, 2009
An undesirable character flaw.
Don't you think it was douchy that the chef took the day off for his birthday?
#douchbag #character #flaw #restaurant #chef
by Chance Tripper July 30, 2013
douche; verb for douche
Sophie Mahony is SOOO douchy
#girl #boy #sophie #mahony #man
by Gabriellamilosevic July 24, 2009
A way of insulting or describing a person in a very harsh way. Similar to Douchbag
Did you see james the other day, yeah he is a first clash Douchy
by Mattster September 11, 2005
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