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To Put in simle terms, they're the heros of society. They sometimes don't get the respect the deserve for the long hours, 11 years of HARSH schooling and stress that they go through because of under-appreciative patients who bitch about the littliest things, but keep this is mind there are alot who appreciates the work that they do. Take it for me, i'm typing this right now because i'm grateful of them, and plus i was supprised there wasn't a good definition of their work there was just a stupid definition above me, but all in all they're heros of this planet.
Person:OMG my friend just got shot!!, call 911!

EMT's: don't worry kiddo, we will stabilize you and take to to a physician so he/she can do he/she's majic!
by Andrew92 August 14, 2009
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A jiesty forum quest that will not stop until all forum users have been called faqs,twats and fucktards.
Arch3r Pk37:Hey guys need place to train range in f2p lolz
PhysiciaN:This is a jack move bitch! Was Arch3r Pk36 taken?
Arch3r Pk37:faaak you!
by Arch3rPk37 February 02, 2008
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