best friend anyone could have. honest, loyal, and totally cute. Lawrences tend to be on the short side, with amazing green eyes and a shy personality. But once you get to know them, you can talk to them about anything. One you can trust. Adorable, and sexy, though they don't know it themselves.
That guy is so cute! He must be a Lawrence
by teehee :3 February 04, 2010
1) The Boss of All Bosses. Composed at all times, In control at all times. The tendency to shut people down when not wanting to put up with their shit.

2) Superior in mind and thinking

3) Known for having a large cock

4) Nonchalant in thinking. Lacks concern
persons who are dapper, stylish and composed

Female 1: Did you see Marcus today?
Female 2: No, but I heard he acting like Lawrence

Female 1: Typical.... Lawrence wanna bee's
by Urban Names February 28, 2010
most awesome person youll ever meet hes honest, loyal, cute,sweet,hilarious and overall amazing. They are also shy at first but they are great afterwards. As well as being Adorable, and sexy,though they don't know it themselves.
They also tend to be popular with girls which they are aware of
That guy is so cute! He must be a Lawrence
He is such a pimp!
by Laaaaaawwwww March 23, 2011
A small yet trendy college town located in North Eastern Kansas. Unlike most places in KS, Lawrence is very hilly. The town has a population of about 84,000 and has experienced an amazing population boom as anyone forced to drive on L-town's poorly planned streets will tell you. House prices are skyrocketing. In the 1880s the city was burnt to the ground by Quantrail and his gang of retards (from Missouri of course). It has since been rebuilt and prospered greatly. If you absolutely must live in KS, you can settle for Lawrence. Nearly half of Lawrence's population attends the University of Kansas. Many KU students are from KS, including but not limited to hicks from tiny towns out west, refugees from dying cities like Topeka or Wichita and preppy deuce bags from the JC (Lenexa, Overland Park etc) but many are from other states as well as other countries. Though not as well known as KC to non-Kansans, Lawrence has achieved its own local recognition as a place to learn, meet cool people and smoke lots and LOTS of marijuana. Lawrence is the weed capital of Kansas and a good place to grab a bag on your way back to Denver.
Lawrence was voted as one of the nation's top college towns; I don't know about that, it's certainly beats Columbia Missouri. Lawrence is in Douglas County.

by Safe Ride Rudy October 20, 2005
Lawrence's are beautiful and enjoy long walks on the beach. They have a beautiful voice like jigglypuff and is funny and fun to be with. Their cheeks are way cuter than Pikachu's cheeks. Lawrence's should not be tamed for they shall bite. Lawrence's also have a sensitive side just for the ladies ;)
Girl Arguement to a boy
Girl: Why can't you be like a Lawrence?
by asianessyo July 31, 2011
A name with Latin origins.

It means "victorious."

But it would mean that, of course -- or I wouldn't have the name.
The over- and underachieving Lawrences of yore.

Myself, of course.

A few motherfuckers -- male and female -- whose names are not Lawrence, but, nonetheless, possess a lawrencinian molecule or two.

The username is One of Many Lawrences. But, honest to God, there are not too many of them.
by One of Many Lawrences April 14, 2010
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