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Strong, with honor, a leader. A middle eastern name given to someone who is loved by many, unique and a creator of new ideas. He also gets laid a lot and many women want him for the size of his cock.
Look Omar is here! Praise Omar for he is the best in the universe bitches. He is such a badass!
by mikrotch November 14, 2007
An intelligent, young, handsome, sweet, loving, kind, trustworthy guy
Omar Epps, Omar Muhammad
by O.D. Brown February 24, 2009
Someone who is sweet, loving and kind. The best guy to have as your boyfriend because he treats you so well and knows how to take care of you. Makes friends with your friends and isn't afraid to show how much he cares for you. Will pretty much do anything for your attention. Also handsome, charming and outgoing. Enjoys sports and has a great body.

Many girls are attracted to him but when he finds the one, nothing else matters not even the hottest girl he mets, if it's not "her."

This guy will always make you smile and has the best personality.

This is Omar.
This boy is amazing, he's such an Omar.

Wow, I would love to be with Omar.

If only I could find my Omar...
by Hugsworthy June 27, 2011
means a big pimp that girls wana be wit and luv him he has an extraordinary big cok and peple can neva live without him, has skills in sports and is a born leader hu gets in to trouble, is a synonym to cool, ppl look up to and admire him
and hes like a chik magnet, no girl he nows hasnt had something wit him
"oy, dat dude ova dere hes so omar man hes so fukin cool"
by emma brown January 16, 2008
A boy's name: is pronounced OH-mar.

It is of Arabic and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "speaker; flourishing, long-lived"

In Arabic the name also means the one how Build Earth(in terms of growth), also it is the plural of "Omra" witch is an Islamic ritual.
"Hi Omar"
by I am Omar February 15, 2010
Sexy ass motha fuckka , Never gives up when it comes to a girl he realy wants . He has big penis that every girl rides . He roles like a big boss . No one can be compared to the way he has sex . he will leave u with your mouth open . When u want your vagina wet ,, go to Omar .
by StrangeCreature September 11, 2011
The Most Amazing Boyfriend Any Girl Could Ask For ! He Has A Great Personality And The Biggest Dick ! (;

He's One Of The Sweetest Guys You Will Ever Meet !

Don't Ever Let Him Go ! He's Also A Major Dork But Super Funny ! He's Is One Of The Sexiest People Alive !

And By Far ! , Has The Sexiest Voice !
Omar ! ♥
by TaLyDy January 21, 2012
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