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An adjective describing a girl or woman who is significantly overweight.

The term is believed to have been coined in reference to a well-known and notorious chubby chaser named Omar. People began to refer to the women that he would seduce as having been "Omarized". Because those who used the term "Omarized" always used it to refer to overweight women, those who picked up the term believed it to simply be a local colloquialism referring to overweight or fat women. As the term grew into common use the latter definition has become predominant.
That girl has put on a lot of weight, she's starting to look really omarized.

You'd better take it easy with that chocolate cake, you don't want to get omarized.
by g382 February 21, 2011
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1. Totally overawed by your supervisor's definition of how things should be done. 2. All the things that should be done to come with diagrams and where possible, with dotted lines. 3. Learning to keep quiet and not fume when in an overawed situation with anyone. 3. After keeping quiet in an overawed situation, quietly go home and drown yourself in a bottle.
I was omarized by the need to draw diagrams to explain where that box would go after box 1, which would be connected by dotted line 2, which would cross by bold line 5, leading into box marked 'X', which needs to be placed between an oval called 'PLP' and an triangle box 'Y'. So I when home and omarized with a bottle of Tequila.
by Tequila Sunrisewhilesetting February 27, 2009
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