Omar is a name of a very trustworthy, good soul. Often a passionate lover. Also Omar's are loved by all and respected by all. Omar's tend to see the people who love them the most as their worst nightmare.
Richard is an example of a good omar.
by srfp February 17, 2013
Omars are amazing people.

They are the strongest people you can ever meet. Even though they are strong they are peaceful. They have a kind heart full of joy. They were born to be leaders and are not afraid to step up and take a challenge. Everyone loves omars. You can never replace one because he is unique in many different ways. If you are friends with an Omar he will bring you nothing but rewards. They are very noble. But if you mess with an omar you are going to regret it. They are not afraid to get into a fight. They are just so epic and awesome
That man is such an omar.
by #omar December 19, 2014
the most amazing guy, loved so much, big green eyes, dark skin, a girl with nice legs and toes is in love with him - runs a muck but in the end has a good heart
OMG OMG OMG i love omar
by lelelele1234 May 09, 2011
such a sexy beast that can beat guys driving old nissan sedans, he is pretty chill and is makin bank.
damn salman cant match up to omar.
by Mustangisbetterthennissan October 07, 2011
Out of My Age Range.
Did you see her boyfriend? He was totally O.M.A.R. She had to spoon feed him his dinner and carry his sippie cup in her purse.

Did you see his girlfriend? She had velcro-strapped shoes and looked like she should have been pushing a walker. She was totally O.M.A.R.
by SFCnB March 24, 2011
That guatemalan with the fuck boi haircut that thinks hes tough
Look at Omar he thinks hes so cool.
by MonsterTruckFAN June 06, 2015
Guy who is loved by every girl but just attracted to blond, beautiful small german girls with huge blue eyes.
Bitch "This Omar is so hot!"
Person "Forget it he just loves german beautiful blond girls"
by Franko81 February 08, 2010
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