A person who talks himself up constantly thinking he is a top dog but in fact is a soft cock weezle.
-Adwiano- "Oi Omar lets brawl now"
-Omar- "I will brawl you"
-Adwiano- "Ok, lets go"
-Omar- "I will not fight you now but I will fight you some day"

-Omar-"I'm done fighting, I have changed my ways, I no longer fight"

-Muckmood- "aljahbah"
-Omar- Jihad durka durka
by onaiwda twumboli likes penis November 16, 2010
-A common way to pronounce a testicular deformity

-Sometimes used to define an obsessive masturbating person,
who rapes dogs, and sings in retardation while covered in spaghetti sauce. These kinds of people are more likely to be latino's and are fat, some sitings have been of omar's rubbing their nipples.
-Nate- Wassup, whats wrong wit chu

-Victor- "Hey dogg, I was ramming this BITCH hard up the ass, when I realized I had an Omar(1)!!!"

-Nate- Ohhh!!! that sucks!!!

-Nate- Hey did u see that Omar(2) rubbing his nipples in Law class?

-Victor- yeah, I heard he rapes his pet chihuahua while watching gay porn.

-Nate- Scary....
by Nos Institution of Linguistics October 05, 2010
1) An expression of frustration often used at school and/or other locations.
2) A brown man of Indian or Middle Eastern decent who obsessively strives to beat the competition but lies about his preparation.
"Freakin omar! This test is ridiculous!"

"That Omar has the best grades in all his classes. He says he doesn't study, but I know he lives in the library."
by MarkaBoyles August 20, 2008
Usually refers to a space cadet or one who spends most of their time thinking about where else they could be. They usually space out when in an undesirable environment.
Teacher/Obnoxious person: "Hey Geoff, what's wrong with Greg, is he high or something?"
Geoff (Greg's friend): "No, he's just the first Omar, he's probably thinking about bmx, sex, or surfing. Ya Omar you ok?"
Greg: "Huh?"
by What? Why? April 28, 2008
To bite; to sink your large, sharp teeth into someone's back
1. "I can only have one more omar of this pizza."

2. "He was winning his wrestling match until he totally omarred that kid."
by beyte March 05, 2009
a street term for a male prostite in the D.C area, he will prety much have sex with anything for any ammount of money
"man that omar sure was dirty last night"
by omar the hooker January 31, 2008
When you put your unshaved balls into an unshaved pussy.
"Lets have Omar sex, since we haven't shaved
by OmarEidIsAnAsshole June 10, 2009

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