The mexican guy who seemed cool at the beginning of the school year with his spikey hair, but then after a week of hanging out with him you realize that he is a annoying little bitch that you just want to kill.
Melina: I dated Omar at the beginning of the year, but after a while he turned into a big fat ass.
Derik: ya. He is the definition of am annoying Mexican bitchn
by bigdaddy001 December 16, 2013
In many parts of Florida, it is Spanish for the word "hungry".
I'm so Omar right now, I could eat a family of Zebras.
by WOD2281 November 06, 2010
A person who talks himself up constantly thinking he is a top dog but in fact is a soft cock weezle.
-Adwiano- "Oi Omar lets brawl now"
-Omar- "I will brawl you"
-Adwiano- "Ok, lets go"
-Omar- "I will not fight you now but I will fight you some day"

-Omar-"I'm done fighting, I have changed my ways, I no longer fight"

-Muckmood- "aljahbah"
-Omar- Jihad durka durka
by onaiwda twumboli likes penis November 16, 2010
Usually refers to a space cadet or one who spends most of their time thinking about where else they could be. They usually space out when in an undesirable environment.
Teacher/Obnoxious person: "Hey Geoff, what's wrong with Greg, is he high or something?"
Geoff (Greg's friend): "No, he's just the first Omar, he's probably thinking about bmx, sex, or surfing. Ya Omar you ok?"
Greg: "Huh?"
by What? Why? April 28, 2008
Episode of a TV show, named for actor Omar Epps.
Did you catch that omar of House last night?

How many omars behind of E.R. are you?
by Young Douglas November 20, 2006
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