Guy who is loved by every girl but just attracted to blond, beautiful small german girls with huge blue eyes.
Bitch "This Omar is so hot!"
Person "Forget it he just loves german beautiful blond girls"
by Franko81 February 08, 2010
A motherfucker who thinks he is the best at everything. His face looks like a fucking retard. He is a cheating asshole. And he can go fuck himself with a sluts dick.
Omar : I'm going to be famous because I am handsome as fuck!
Me thinking : Ah no bitch you won't be famous. You are ugly as a fuck and you have a cuntface.
by Rotten_Banana June 28, 2014
A Mexican who can't get an 'A' in any class but gym, because he is pumped up on steriods. Sells weed and shows it to everyone thinking he won't get caught. All his homies think he's cool until he goes to jail for murder and becomes a dangerous criminal...
Omar says....

"Ey! Ms. Mitchell! I got weed!" *announces to whole class*

10 years later, finally graduating after flunking infinity times... twice....

Omar says...
"Wuttafuck brah y am I in jail brah!?"
*thinks to self for 2 seconds*
"Nvm maybe becuz I a fuggin dumasss... And I talk 2 miiSelf"
(Notice the lack of grammar...)
by omar insulting himself lolol October 10, 2011
In many parts of Florida, it is Spanish for the word "hungry".
I'm so Omar right now, I could eat a family of Zebras.
by WOD2281 November 06, 2010
omar lost to nick sortziii
by imnotbad123 October 16, 2010
This guy is most likely going to be gay

and looks like an ass crack.

His hair line is horrible and

has the voice of sponge bob.
He says that he can fight any one but when the going gets rough,

he runs away like a pussy.

He has no friends and smells likeshark pee if you risk getting close enough.

If you have some one at your school or work place named omar, run away!

He never shuts up and is annoying. He will never get a girlfriend, and will probably die alone.
Jonathan: Did you see Omar in the hallway? He was making fun of Jalen and he got punched in the mouth!
Sara: OMG! Did he fight back?
Jonathan: No, he just ran away like a pussy.
Sara: Damn it, he always does that!
by Jonabomb123 November 11, 2013
A person who talks himself up constantly thinking he is a top dog but in fact is a soft cock weezle.
-Adwiano- "Oi Omar lets brawl now"
-Omar- "I will brawl you"
-Adwiano- "Ok, lets go"
-Omar- "I will not fight you now but I will fight you some day"

-Omar-"I'm done fighting, I have changed my ways, I no longer fight"

-Muckmood- "aljahbah"
-Omar- Jihad durka durka
by onaiwda twumboli likes penis November 16, 2010

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