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Something that black people call each other casually but hate when white people call them it.

A derogatory term for black people.
I'm a nigga!

No, You're a dumbshit.
by F33bs September 04, 2005
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Used in place of "I", "me", or "my". A synonym of "a playa". I would advise against referring to yourself in this way if you're a person of the pasty persuasion.
That bitch know how to suck a nigga dick good!
by Nick D January 20, 2004
Anigga is an extremely beautiful girl with a moustache like that of mario's and a hairy arm pit like that of brad pitt. She is someone who easily makes friends like brick tamland. She can poop unicorns too. Also, she is someone who has an extremely irresistible smile and is unconditionally lovable.
" Did Anigga just ask for the goddamn D? :O "
" Anigga just kept on blowing and blowing but nothing was coming! :O "
by batman's mistress June 04, 2014

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