a street term for a male prostite in the D.C area, he will prety much have sex with anything for any ammount of money
"man that omar sure was dirty last night"
by omar the hooker January 31, 2008
An action where one blinks during pictures.
Boy: How'd the pictures turn out?
Girl: Everyone looks fine, but you pulled an Omar!
Boy: Dammit!
by Klysa August 23, 2008
A brown fellow whose mother enjoys a good pumping.
To "ride" a brown fellows mother.
I totally Omar'd Omar's mom last night!
Haha, that guy is such an Omar
by starsailor July 25, 2008
Episode of a TV show, named for actor Omar Epps.
Did you catch that omar of House last night?

How many omars behind of E.R. are you?
by Young Douglas November 20, 2006
a suspicious-looking Saudi, good with technology and a fan of hats with little capes in the back
Planning where to put the nukes, Omar?
by fallrivermatt August 23, 2007
A weird annoying kid, with a small cock. Normally black too.
Kid 1: Oh do you see that kid?

Kid 2: Oh yeah he is so "Omar. "
by Gamecraz :) May 09, 2009
1) To be called Omar one must have a female personality trapped in a males body.

2) Not quite gay, not quite metro sexual, this phase is commonly seen in adolescent emo's.
Chow: Oh snap! Sam is picking up all the chicks again, we'll never get lucky, i just want 'sum of it, sum of the time' :(

Vinaye: Man, women wouldn't love him so much if he didn't spend all the Gujju money he earns on omarfying himself!
by Gus C.Z. March 20, 2008

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