Correct spelling of numnut. Normally used as an insult meaning idiot. However, also implies that the recipient is a coward, sterile or impotent. A combination of numb and nut, where nut is a slang for testicle. In other words, a man who cannot feel his testicles and acts accordingly.
"Are you lookin at me, numbnut? Cause if you are, I'm going to damage what's left of your courage."
by wkc December 01, 2006
1. a real dumb ass, see jagbag or dumbfuck; 2. the fella who typed in numdnuts
Numbnuts forgot to wipe his ass after he pooped. There were peanuts in the poop.
by ION October 27, 2003
An intellectually challenged person.
Although the term would seem self-explanatory, it has no relation to a scrotum condition whatsoever. (not even from standing waste-deep in a gelid water!!!)
In many a case, Russian private soldiers invading Czechoslovakia in 1968 were numbnuts. The hey I dont know how to work the tap I guess I will just use the force of a hammer to make the water run out of the wall ones
by scribblerus August 22, 2006
"num nutz"
1. a person or persons that possess very little knowledge, common sense, or skills.

2. Erik W. Heftie
by eric h August 09, 2003
A complete and utter fucking moron.
That numbnuts just set his pecker on fire.
by Bejesus001 November 09, 2009
noun. A medical condition whereby the sufferer has restricted blood flow to the genital region due to having their head jammed up their own ass; expresses most frequently as a mental disorder, and, ironically, seems to have no limiting capacity on the reproductive qualities of the sufferer, frequently quite the opposite affect has been observed.
Person #1: "Goddammit! Why isn't this idiot turning right at this red light, there's nobody in his way?"

Person #2: "He's obviously a numbnuts."
by The Opster January 31, 2010
A person who lacks some combination of common sense, intelligence, manners, or coolness.
What is your major malfunction numbnuts? Didn't mommy and daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?
by Megaloman March 12, 2009

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