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A white man that steps in to take over the father role of a child after the black father has left the mother and child forever. In order for the man to be a Schmuck, the mother must also be white, leaving the couple to raise a child that obviously does not belong to the father biologically.
Poor John, no matter how great of a guy he is, everyone can plainly see that little Jamal isn't his. I guess his wife liked dark meat before she met him. John gets no respect.........what a Schmuck.
by Rector2 December 18, 2013
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the yiddish word meanin idiot
oy that schmuck has no idea what he's talking about
by Fairy tail fanatic January 10, 2015
The Yiddish word for penis. In English it's only used to refer to people as dicks in the pejorative.
My father-in-law is a fucking schmuck.
by RichieAnonymous March 25, 2012
An idiot, fuck head.

Origin: yiddish
You are a schmuck.

by big black penismonger August 16, 2009
The word schmuck is only one of the many words in the English language. It has many meanings. It's true meaning is "an idiot or dimwitted fool". Using its Jewish meaning is simply an insult to give to a stupid friend, family member, or co worker.

Its most common meaning is used to replace fuck, the "f" word. Replacing fuck is used in many ways. As direct insults, sexual content, a noun, a verb, an adjective, a command, outdoor play, to change the meaning of the word, or the only word in the sentence.
Jewish term: Jacob is a schmuck.
As an insult meaning fuck: Schmuck you!
As a noun: You are ugly as schmuck.
As a verb: John schmucked Shirley.
As an adjective: This is really schmucky.
As a command: Shut the schmuck up!
As outdoor play: Why don't you go outside and play hide and go schmuck yourself?
Changing meaning: Unschmuckingbeleivable or Inschmuckingcredible.
As the only word in the sentence: Schmuck the schmucking schmuckers. Schmuck you you mother schmucking schmucker.
by Valsha Taylor April 26, 2009
Alternative for f**k. Also a jew word meaning penis.
"What the schmuck??"

"Shut the schmuck up!"
by KingofSchmuck March 03, 2009
a low life punk
you dirty little schmuck
by Hannah the Spanner Bean August 14, 2008

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