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A seriously cool dude.

One that gets girls wet, and they are prepared to pay for.
"Did you see that fraser, oo I've wet myself..."
by Natalie Umbongo August 08, 2006
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The love of your life
"he/she's my Fraser"
by Rebecca Nanbread January 09, 2008
1. (noun) A cool guy. Knows when to study and when to party.

2. (verb) To Fraser: To study instead of going out and doing fun stuff with your friends.
"Damn man I got a huge test on monday... I think I'm gonna fraser tonight instead of going to that party."
by Oedipus_the_King February 14, 2009
A Womanizer. Commonly Scottish. That sort of bellend that gets the top marks in everything and is still likeable.
'Hey, you know Fraser right?'
'You know...with the phit sister?'
'Ah yeh, him'
by Rhodes Lad 1 May 09, 2010
Quite usually a Scottish, Hot male who is the most funny,amazing guy you could possibly meet <3 Can be a little bit geeky but he is also tres smart also small amount weird but cute . Very tall , easy to like , has many friends and great hair.
Hey did you see Fraser?

Yeah he's so tall how could you miss him

Yeah I know but he's alsp very funny and cool
by Kid Kobra August 05, 2011
A seriously HOT guy. He is amazing at soccer and is a talented genius. He is loved by girl who looks at him. But is always taken. He has amazing taste in girls, people who is most likely to marry are:

Blonde hair and blue eyes, spot him anywhere.
Have you seen fraser
Is that the amazing one with blue eyes and blonde hair.
Uh Der.
Yes he is absolutely amazing at soccer and is HOT!
by hahahahahaha. LOL July 15, 2010
Blond hair blue eyes

a really sweet guy. He will make you smile and knows how to make you laugh. He's so adorable. Tbh hes a babe. His laugh is the cutest and the way he looks at girls kills them. He has beautiful eyes. They're usually blue and look fantastic. He gives the best hugs ever. Theyre so cozy and warm and you never wanna let go. He's pretty badass and is pretty decent at skateboarding. He's a great friend and someone who you'd love to hang around. He knows how to party and is a good time. He can be huge flirt at times but when he finds the right girl, he gives her his all. Fraser is amazing<3
Girl 1: hayy look at that guy boarding over there! hes pretty awesome and his eyes .. oh my god ..
Girl 2: Wooah what a Fraser
by FMVB April 20, 2013

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