Term of endearment said about someone who states something obvious or does something "Dumb"
Can also be used more harshly to point out someones obvious stupidity. Hence questioning their intelligence.
Hey numbnuts, let's make out. (Sucking of face)
Ya' think? numbnuts.. (Sarcasm implied) w. head shaking(optional)
by Shawn-V May 20, 2013
The phenomenon that occurs when a male places a cold drink between his legs and leaves it there for a prolonged period of time. Upon standing or moving, the chilled testicles brush or rest against the leg, causing an unexpected chill to temporarily overcome the victim. Most susceptible, are wearers of boxer-style underwear.
I set my beer between my legs for a majority of the movie. When I stood up, I got numb nuts.
by drgn76 October 11, 2010
This word originated in the U.S, however, it's used in the U.K. as well. Most likely its use was born in the U.S. military, just as expressions like soup sandwich and jeep. Made popular in the movie, "Full Metal Jacket," when Hartman yells at Pyle.
"What is your major malfunction, numbnut?!"
by pedicabber April 22, 2005
A light word for calling someone a fucktard.
Person 1: "Bill is a numb nuts"
Person 2: "why"
Person 1: "because he for got his phone at the pub"
by Death_ray_dan May 09, 2014
1. A person of severely limited intellectual prowess, or extremely lacking in everyday common sense.

2. A viewer of FOX News, who only listens to a single news source, only communicates with others of his/her own political persuasion, and thinks "Tea Parties" are spontaneous outbursts of patriotism, without realizing they are instead, organized and funded by the richest people and corporations in America, with the intent to steal wealth from everyone. i.e. "Americans for Prosperity. "
1. "What a Numbnut! Can't he open his own mind? He thinks he's being patriotic, when in fact he's undermining the Constitution!"

2. "That Numbnut has no idea who's paying for those pre-made astro-turf signs being unloaded off that bus! What a Teabagger!"
by Correct_Guy December 31, 2009
A numbnuts is a person of 'a certain age', i.e., old enough to know better, who behaves like a total shit or shithead. A jerk, a fool, a putz, schmuck, asshole, etc.
Mike and Louise behaved like complete numbnuts over that issue. They got mad and over-reacted, just like the numbnuts that they are.
by Athelstan Spilhaus IV September 10, 2006
A fucking moron. See fucktard.

Came to prominence after Austin Powers (I forget which one).
A trillion is more than a billion, numbnuts.
by The Beer Baron October 07, 2004

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