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59 definitions by Red

1. The hole in a cask, keg, or barrel through which liquid is poured in or drained out.

2. Vulgar Slang. The anus.
Bong drinks out of his bunghole.
by Red October 01, 2003
776 325
Tag; a personal signature, usually vandalism with spraypaint, but can be any graffitti.

Tag's can take seconds, or can use multiple colors. Two color tags are usually throw ups, may consist of block or bubble lettering.

bombs Are usually tri color, while piecingpiecepieces are always of the upper most complexit. Very large, good use of colors, where they will seem to blend together, or bleed, and burn.
Getup man, we're going tagging tonite.
by RED December 04, 2002
945 509
Pittsburghese for Steelers, as in the NFL football team
Yinz goin daan to the Stillers game at Heinz Field?
by Red April 14, 2003
407 74
Tits Magee is a person, any person, with nice tits, or huge fatty titties, or sporting medium tits and great cleavage. When you refer to someone as tits magee you can do it in front of them or close to them and just refer to them as "magee" and drop the tits. They can be ugly, hot, fat, but when you refer to a fat person as "magee" you say it with a sort of sarcastic snarl, but a hot chick would be refered to with a desired tone.
Guy 1: "Hey, who hit on you at the club?"
Guy 2: "Fuggin tits magee"(with a sarcastic snarl cause she was fat and obnoxious and had hug fatty titty cleavage that shook like a tsunami tidle wave when she danced).
by Red March 04, 2005
308 92
being stimulated or engergized; to stir up the emotions of; get fired up.
Dude, I am so geeked about US Youth Soccer's National Championships.
by red October 28, 2003
577 364
A term use to descrice a female with nice butt cheeks
"Yo, Nigga Shonda got cakes"
by Red February 26, 2005
612 420
the new "you betcha", "let's go", "i'm in", et. al.
Guy 1: You ready to go to the game?
Guy 2: Giddy Up!
by red October 28, 2003
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