NAP is a word which is a misspelling of 'NAO', a commonly used version of the word 'now'. Used to say hi, bye, or if you are basically speechless.
Person 1 : How do you like the pic I sent you?
Person 2 : ...
Person 1 : Well?
Person 2 : NAP D:
Person 1 : D:
by drodZILiA May 21, 2009
To take an afternoon shit. This is used in the presence of mixed company or where the announcement of this urge would be improper.
"Dude,I ate so much. I'm going to go home and take a mad nap."
by Jake Wollman September 28, 2007
a made up white person word for nappy
Grossss dis food is soo nap!
by Deep Fried and Freez Dried May 24, 2009
(pronounced as nop) Adjective/Noun
Stands for "not a person"
A person who is extremley random, and really have no point. If you walk down the halls at school, you see the same kids every single day, but there is always one where you just ask youself "Who the hell is that kid!"
Someone could also be called "noppy."
random, unkown, out of place, stray, insignificant, nobody.
May sound harsh-but face it, we all know a nop.
Naps: The people you just dont know, and nobody knows for that matter.
by Kiki, Jenna, Kk, Maddy October 26, 2007
Short for Naptown which is the city of Indianapolis. Also refered to as N.A.P. with each letter pronounced.
"I'm about to Nap for (BlacK) Expo".
by Dre July 07, 2003
Nap is a German variant of noob, newbie etc.
In contrast to what has been stated here in another entry, this spelling cannot be considered to be incorrect, since there is a large number of different spellings in English and it would be inconsequent to dismiss just this variant as wrong.
OMG!!! such a nap!!!
by a nap May 27, 2007
The art of dozing in and out of consiousness. usually done before and after midkiffing
Guys I am gonna grab a nap before we go take the roast beef challenge
by tyson January 28, 2003
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