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The most amazing girl I know. She is gorgeous and funny. She always has a good time even if what you are doing isn't that much fun. Kyra has an amazing personality. She is also amazing at dancing and singing. She is the hottest greek girl you'll ever meet. Kyra is also a huge flirt all of the time, but she will deny that. She is really easy to talk to about anything.
Derek: Man, I saw a Kyra yesterday and it was great. We hung out for hours.
by DereKiki March 24, 2010
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The most gorgeous and perfect girl to walk the Earth. She is super smart, funny, and did I mention beautiful? Everyone loves a Kyra! Boys can't resist her and she has the prettiest body ever! There is no comparing yourself to Kyra. Although her name means "lady", it doesn't mean she's that innocent, goody-two-shoes girl that obeys all the rules, she's her own person. She'll do whatever she wants when she wants and the people around her won't want to stop her.
I wish I was a Kyra.
by xoxoLiveLaughLovexoxo December 30, 2010
a girl who is awesome. i think it also means ladylike in greek. you pronounce it kee ruh if you didnt know. not kye ruh.
Kyra is my best friend and the awesomest person i know
by kyra will be your best friend September 23, 2006
Russian for princess. Kyra likes to have a good time but remains feminine always! She has a great ability to withstand hardships and will smile even when her heart is breaking. She is selfless and makes great sacrifices for her loved ones. Kyra is a universal character who can be the life of the party and the most humble and approachable person you'd ever have a chance to meet. She likes to feel beautiful inside and out and glows in confidence. she is sexy but in a simple way. She can be anything you want as she's already everything there is to have.
person1: i met the most appealing girl. You don't notice it at first but she's close to perfect.

Person2: It's Kyra isn't it? never let her go! you'll never find another one like her!
by Debora212 September 26, 2011
the hottest bitch on this planet. a female who loves sumo wrestlers at night.
woahhh, look at that kyra!?
by wilma wilkinson November 04, 2007
A name for a girl. The origins are Greek and the name literally means "Lady." It is can be pronounced either (KEER-AH) or (KAI-RUH)
My closest friend is named Kyra and she is very much like a lady.
by Monzach May 02, 2010
A person who returns home from school and frequently naps for several hours.
S: I'm such a Kyra
k: what?
s: You know I've just been going home after school and sleeping
k: that sounds like what i do too! I think I should call myself Kyra!
by ridiculousteph July 25, 2008

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