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to steal ones belongings (person, object, or just plain old shit)
Yo i just napped your sandwich suckaa. My kid god napped by some weirdo last night!
by suckadlong March 17, 2009
A adjective commonly used when something bad happens. Originally a term used in 'Flamingo Drive' when the bird 'napps' your penguin as a result of a inproportionatly high angle of flight.
'I've just been napped'
'there's nothing worse than being napped'
can also be adapted to other genres, for example, when you out-dribble yourself in fifa or the opponet reads your move and steal the ball.
by thelabrodore December 05, 2010
To be heavily under the influence of legal party drug Naphyrone. Decribes a state where the user feels particularly high. Naphyrone comes in a powered form and is usually snorted or sometimes ingested by users of the drug. Commonly used in the UK underground party scenes of Manchester and London - Naphyrone use rose in popularity after popular, former legal high Mephedrone was criminalised and the drug is said to have simular effects as MDMA and Mephedrone. To be napped is simular slang to licked exept the term is only used to describe being high on Naphyrone.
1. "i got soo napped last night"

2. "you look a bit high my friend".
"i'm utterly napped dude"

3. "how much naphyrone did you take?!"
" i dunno sir, but i am napped for sure"
by vinaay April 20, 2010
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