not a pro
especially used in computer games
you nap
that means you are not a pro
by rochY November 20, 2003
disgusting. nasty. short term for nappy.
by dan asdf August 18, 2005
another form of "newbie", "new be", "noob" or whatever....used by wannabe's
you are a nap!
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
NaPpy dUgoUt. Ugly, slutty. BASically a hippie dirt squirrel.
Damn bRothA That biTch is NaPs!!
by JoeMaMa987293 October 25, 2007
Another word for "no"
You're a libra, aren'tcha darlin'? - NAP!
by Judge Poody July 15, 2006
Need a Piss (also see NAS)
brb NAP...............
by Viperlin April 24, 2004
N.A.P. - naked and playing
Hey Julie I'm tired (wink) wanna take a N.A.P.?
by clifford July 15, 2005

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