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In kindergarten, a relaxation period you can't truly appreciate until years later, when you desperately wish there was said period of nap time in your schedule.
Kindergarteners: Awww. it's nap time again! I HATE nap time!

High schoolers: More fucking homework? Whatever happened to nap time?
by ~The Nameless One~ July 15, 2005
The most underrated period of time in your life. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners fight to get out of it, but anybody from the ages of 13 to forever wishes that it was still a part of their lives. It is never appreciated until the later grades when every moment you are awake, you are wanting to be in nap time. Usually a good nap time lasts anywhere from 15 minute power naps to 2 hour recharge time naps.

Naps are normally useful when sick, bored, or necessary for survival in the coming hours.
Preschooler: 'No! No wanna go nap time!'

Everybody Else: 'Enough with the essays and projects/the job/the arthritis! I just need a quick nap time!'
by BPTinyGirl September 10, 2009
Literally the WORST thing that was ever cut from school. It was replaced with longer classes and study hall.
John: *raises hand and yawns* "Teacher, when's naptime?
Teacher: "John, stop being a smartass and get back to work!"
John: "Damn it."
by ~The Wizard~ February 23, 2013
Freshman philosophy class at a South Jersey college which is only occasionally interrupted by the professor giggling to himself.
"Don't worry about your homework for naptime!"
by Barry G. September 08, 2004
A code word for when two people have sex.

"Michael and Jamie are going to have naptime a lot when she gets to New York"
by Nadia Elise March 24, 2009
The time of which a group of things (people, places, etc.) that are considered nappy are identified by a person and or multiple people.
Guy 1: "Wow look at all those nappy sandwiches!"
Guy 2: "Well shit, it must be nap-time."
by OriginalSince1993 October 20, 2009
A time where naps npappify their hair and tend to other napppy activities
The naps took applied some yellow chalk during nap time
by A Pimp Named Darkness July 10, 2008
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