Short term slang for "Naptown" aka Indianapolis, IN. Can also be called N.A.P or the NAP.
X: I need to move to the hardest city in the world.
Y: You must be referring to the NAP...
X: Obviously
by sugar dick mcgee June 15, 2010
New American Protestant, or New Age Protestant.

One of those Evangelical Christians who for whatever reason (maybe because they're left leaning or young or individualistic or don't know any better) don't want to be referred to as Evangelical or Charismatic or whatever. Often they will refer to their religion as "Non-denominational" or just "Christian"
I'm tired of the French Ravine. I've got to stop dating all these NAP girls and find someone who's . . . I dunno, kinda dirty or something.
by Moralizer April 24, 2010
To steal or borrow without permission. Comes from "kidnap," which means stealing a kid.
Al Gore: "Governor Bush, you are not going to nap this election!"
George W. Bush: "Oh yes I am. Heh heh heh!"

Girl: "I'm going to run to the ladies' room. Watch my purse while I'm gone."
Guy: "OK."
(Girl goes to restroom, someone steals purse)
Girl: "Where's my purse?"
Guy: "Some sketchy-looking dude came by and purse-napped. Sorry."
Girl: "What? I told you to watch it!"
Guy: "I did. I was watching the entire time the guy was napping it! What did you want me to do, stop him?"
Girl: "Yes!!!"
Guy: "Oh, well you should have said that earlier."
by Nicholas D February 27, 2009
The word "nap" is used as a way to divert your bros to go hang out with a girl your secretly in love with.
"Hey you want to go to the pub?"
"Nah man, im tired, im going to go for a nap"
(Actually goes on a date)
by Shymer May 02, 2011
not a problem
My house just burned down.
Oh, it's nap, you can stay at my place.
by da napper December 04, 2010
to sleep for a random, yet large number of hours, while at the same time, unknowingly, misleading her friends into believing she's been dead, has disappeared or is secretly taking a poop, when in reality she is just bundled up, all cozy under her heating blanket and warm comforter, smiling and snorring her little head off
My friend took a very long nap and had me scared to the point of realeasing toxic waste in my pants
by ahhyessspink3l3phants! May 04, 2011
Not A Problem
A phrase used to belittle or pass off things as not important.
Usually used sarcastically.
"YO! I just totally failed high school. Oh well. NAP!"
by phodowk February 03, 2012

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