NAP, meaning Nerd And Proud, can be applied to any person, as an abusive term, or can be applied to ones self as proudness or use of computers or technology.
Daryl: I just got a headshot on Counter-Strike: Source!
by Carl Barat January 14, 2008
term referring to the consistancy of a persons hair or the bristles of a brush. Used particularly in the case of black people hair. adj. nappy
The nap of that broad's cunt hair was just too hard to handle
by Ray Flynn May 10, 2005
The female genitalia; vagina

Pronounced: nahp
"I need to borrow a tampon for my nap"

"Get your nap over here"

"You only want me for my nap juice"

by Danielle Joyce February 12, 2007
(v.)An Acronym that stands for Needs A Pounding (vaginally), preferably by another mans penis.
Guy one: Holy shit did you just see that fine dime piece?
Guy two: Yea her prissy ass Nap's.
Guy one: hell yea SHE NAP'S!!!
by Russell O'c March 23, 2008
or NAP, m. not a prince, f. not a princess. A person who has a false claim to royal lineage through purchase, barter, adoption, or delusion.
Ex. prince frederic von anhalt is nap and princess zsa zsa von anhalt(gabor) is nap by marriage.
by anemi easy April 12, 2007
A session of sleep that is a complete waste of life. Naps are usually taken by those without jobs or stable social lives.
She thinks its cute to take naps and tell everyone, when in fact people see her as a waste of space.
by Thesimol August 25, 2008
a nap with an ä even fuuuuiger
you`re not a nap you´re a NÄP
by w00t September 17, 2003

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