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A play on the IPhone advertisement . . . What you say to someone who is always complaining about being tired in the middle of the day.
Kyra: I cannot keep my eyes open this after noon.

Alonzo: Yeah, "There's a Nap for That"
by writersrescue November 10, 2009
When a highly unpopular and desperate democratic incumbent uses an idealistic independent candidate as a decoy to direct votes away from his republican opposition.

Daggetry includes the unpopular and desperate democratic incumbent's bankrolling of political endorsements (robo-calls) in favor of the idealistic independent candidate.
Vito from Hoboken: Man, I can't believe Chris Christie won the governor's race!

Shakira from Trenton: Yeah, Jon Corzine's deep pockets, chumminess with Obama, and daggetry didn't work!
by writersrescue November 05, 2009
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