code for getting laid
Alex: im gonna go home and nap
Daniel: then why is a girl going home with you
by jpoon June 03, 2011
An activity commonly and most often employed by lesbians who enjoy yogurt and other flavored dairy products.
Guy- Hey. What's up?

Lesbian- Not that much, just took a few Naps. Im going to grab a yogurt with my lesbian friend.

Guy- Ok. Peace out.
by kylebisselfoshizzle January 17, 2011
The practice of sleeping over in someone else's room, with implied sexual contact.
Used especially to refer to one-night stands, and is associated with the walk of shame .
Sara never sleeps in her residence, she's always having naps with her boyfriend.
by Starrymirth November 14, 2009
Nap in its true and best form means "Masturbation." I the middle of the day most people from ages 13-64 take a 30 minute nap or continue to constantly nap all day if their parent and/or nurse is not home. Also see Rest, Sleep, M&M
Person A:"Omg I caught my brother billy napping on a ghetto gaggers video today."
Person B: " He must fell asleep while jerking off."
Person A: " No loser napping is jerking or rubbing; check urban dictionary."
by TheBrownGuy777 July 07, 2010
A US Army term for Non Airborne Personel. Defines soldiers who are not airborne qualified and unable to perform combat parachuting duties.
"Look at that NAP, what a douche bag!"
by AirborneSoldier14 August 17, 2009
Using one hand, the act of squeezing the thumb and middle finger together, moving the same hand and causing the index finger to strike the surfaces of the thumb and middle finger, causing a percussive sound similar to a snap. Used as a noun or verb.
My hands hurt from napping so much.

Ali G naps several times per show.

by Lennie40 June 01, 2006
Nicotine, Alcohol and Pussy
Acronym used to subtly express a need for Cigarettes, Booze and Cunt, either at the same time or one at a time. Can be a combination of any of those factors. Commonly used altogether.
Dude 1 - Man I've had a rough week
Dude 2 - Shit, you should take it easy
Dude 1 - Nah, I need a NAP night
by solidsnake2010 October 20, 2009

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