Slang for somthing which is unpleastant or boring

Originates from term used in the 60's. Naff = Not Avalable For Fucking
That is well naff!
by Reecelitchy14 January 01, 2009
brithish slang for uncool, loser, tacky, and strange, used often for people with less swag than you.
"Alondra and erika they got swag there sooooo not naff"
by abcccccccccccccccccccccccc September 14, 2011
A word used in Great Britan to mean 'tacky', 'lame', or 'totally uncool'. Can also be used as 'nafty'.

John: Did you see her new haircut?
Mike: Yeah, it's totally nafty.

Kate: Like, why is she totally acting like all that?
John: Yeah, that haircut it naff and she knows it.
by Flemily March 31, 2009
Not Available For Fucking
naff comes from brittish slang
by Richard Bennett August 29, 2006
When you don't like something or someone, but can't find really describe why.

"Robbie Williams is just a bit naff"
by Paranoia1148 March 15, 2009
A term used to describe the internet forum No Affiliation (With Anything).
Yo there's been mad dramaz on Naff with fluffy, yo!
by Sar(ah) July 10, 2008
Not Appropriate For Facebook.

Acronym used when someone posts something inappropriate on your Facebook page.
Example 1

Friend: Dude, you were so hammered last night. I cannot believe you hooked up with Brian's girlfirend...

You: NAFF, Man!

Example 2

Friend: Ha Ha, I tagged you in that pic of us smoking weed out of the bong we made out of an apple.

You: NAFF man! Work people are on here!
Example 3

Friend: Everyone, please pray for my grandmother to have a bowel movement... it has been a week!
You: Please, that is sooo NAFF...

by joshuam121 April 11, 2010

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